Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upcoming premiers

As I sit in a doctors office waiting to be seen I figure I might as well let my three readers know about my upcoming performances.

On November 7 @ 7:30 PM two of my recent compositions for jazz combo will be performed by students at CSUB. Modes of Transport and D's Changes will be performed. MOT is a modal jazz tune and D's changes is a 32-bar AABA tune. Both present different challenges for improvisers.

On November 13 at the CSUB Chamber Concert (8 PM in the Dore) I have two sets of works getting their world premiers. The first is the Eclectic Suite for Guitar Ensemble. This 5 movement suite consists of miniature pieces and will be played by the CSUB Guitar Ensemble, which I direct. The second set is a pair of pieces for two pianos entitled Low and High which will be played by Sarah McFarland and Rebekah Rogers, two piano students at CSUB.

The next two events bleed into 2010, but considering my infrequent posts I might as well put this up now.

On January 28, 2010 a piece I am currently writing, Duality for Two, will be premiered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The piece is an extension of my work Duality in Time for flute and cello that was premiered in Hartford in August. The performers (Rachel Arnold and Ashley Addington) commissioned the longer work and I will be hopping on a plane to attend. Gonna be great.

The last upcoming premier is for a sonata for classical guitar that I am currently writing for New Jersey guitarist Keith Calmes. Keith is a Julliard and USC gradute and a stunning player, as well as a friend. He asked me to write him a piece last year, but it wasn't until I attended La Guitarra festival in September that I was inspired to start the work.

Keith will premier the piece on February 21 at CSU Bakersfield during a solo recital he will present.

I am very excited about these upcoming performances and look forward to all the music.

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