Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music 105 - Jazz Appreciation Listening Assignment

Hi all -

If you are a student in my Jazz Appreciation course at CSU Bakersfield - you are in the right place. For your furlough assignment I want you to listen to and watch to the following song on YouTube:

This composition was recorded by Jelly Roll Morton in 1926 and is a wonderful example of New Orleans Jazz and a good representation of Jelly Roll Morton as an arranger.

Additionally, read my sample Listening Based Writing Assignment that talks about this piece, found here:

After you have dealt with the video and read the paper, I want you to watch the following video and write two paragraphs about what you see/hear. Use my sample paper as a guide about content and language usages. If you are unsure about how to use a word - look it up. Don't guess.

Great tune - really talk about the soloing and the musical characteristics you hear. Try to grapple with the music as much as possible.

This 2 paragraph assignment (no less than six good sentences per paragraph) is due by Monday, April 19 by 5 PM PDT. Please just post your paragraphs as comments in this blog post.

Be sure to include your full name to receive credit.