Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer To-Do List - 2008

So, the best part of my job at a University is, of course, having three months off during the summer to tie up the myriad loose ends that accumulate during the hectic nine months of instruction.  Each summer I have grand plans of composing massive amounts of music, and each summer I churn out a couple of minutes of music and I return to work in September frustrated that I didn’t get more done when I had “time off”.  Well, that has happened again this summer, but I am sure I will get more done.  Why?  Because I created a to-do list.  Yep, that’s gonna keep me in line.

Actually, I can’t be kept in line.  I have three-year-old triplet boys, so “time off” is really a pipe dream.  I am just busy in a very different way - like potty training.  But I digress.  Here is my To-Do list for the 2008 Summer:

  • Clean and organize our home office.
  • Re-organize the garage.
  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Bring excess crap to the Salvation Army.
  • Organize my CD collection.
  • Organize my office at CSUB - and maybe move into an office that was vacated by a professor that isn’t returning.
  • Service my guitars.
  • Record 2-5 standards - solo - in my home studio.
  • Get JIMSCULLY.COM up an running.
  • Get my publishing company up and running.
  • Edit audio recorded in May from CSUB concerts and the recording session of “Bouncing About”.
  • Compose!!! (Trombone Sonata, Jazz Choir, Big Band, Concert Band, Voice/Piano)

Anyway, that is a partial list.  Everyday I think of more things to do...

Maybe I’ll just sit down and compose tonight - it needs to happen.

More to come...

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