Monday, August 4, 2008

OT: Dislocated Patella

So, I went with the wife, triplets, parents and family friend to Morro Bay for the day to do a glass-bottom boat ride. The kids first boat ride.

As I was climbing to the bottom deck of the boat I felt CRAZY pain in my left knee and couldn't move. I reached down and felt my kneecap floating around on the posterior part of my leg. It dislocated - BIG TIME. After standing on the ladder for a second - I straightened out my leg and POP back into place it goes.

At that time I thought that I really screwed up my knee - and seems I might have been right. 24 hours later it is swollen up like a watermelon and pretty sore. I'm heading to an orthopedic surgeon this afternoon to see what I did to the knee. Could be as bad as ligament tears (PCL tear being most likely) with bone chips which would require surgery. Or, it could just need 3 weeks of rest and babying. We'll see. I'll probably be posting less for a bit - just FYI.

Diet begins today!

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