Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La Guitarra California Festival

So, every two years a great guitar festival comes to Central California. La Guitarra California 2009 is this weekend and I am heading over to the coast for two days of classical guitar madness.

I am a jazz guitarist. Strike that - I am a composer who plays jazz guitar. Those are different things. Guitarists sit for hours by themselves in a practice room working on right hand technique in a way that I never did. To be a classical guitarist is to be a master technician. I am not that guy. Now, in retrospect, I think I wish I was that guy - but that ship has sailed. Long ago.

Here is Marcin Dylla playing the "Canto" from Ginastera's guitar sonata. It is stunning music and even more stunning playing. I am hoping for one moment like that this weekend.

I will be seeing David Tanenbaum (playing Takemitsu) and Carlos Barbosa-Lima/Berta Rojas duo on Friday night.

On Saturday morning one of my former students will be performing at a masterclass w/ Tanenbaum. Later in the afternoon I'll be seeing Michael Partington (playing Piazzolla) and then on Saturday evening I will see the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (Lotus Eaters by Andrew York and Blue Echo by Chet Atkins), something I have been waiting for for the better part of three years. Just a cool group - and very musical.

Anyway, I am geeked to be seeing such a bad ass set of concerts and very stoked that I get to bring about 10 members of the CSU Bakersfield Guitar Ensemble and their esteemed private guitar instructor, Roger Allen Cope, with me.

I'll post pictures from the festival via my iPhone.

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