Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Websites...

So, I have been maintaing my personal website since sometime around 1997. It started on GeoCities (C-Ya Geocities) as a challenge of sorts between my friend and colleague Kris Tiner. We were both attending CSU Bakersfield at the time and I think we had some form of competitive thing going on subconsciously as we learned HTML and tried to get a not-horrible website up and running.

Luckily, maintaing my web presence has gotten easier since the HTML editor in GeoCities File Manager. But, while the act of maintaining the site is quicker and more painless now there is a seemingly endless list of sites to maintain! I maintain the following list of sites....

JS on Reverb Nation (might go buh-bye)

JS on MySpace (about to go buh-bye)

That doesn't include this blog - which gets too little attention.

Anyway, all of this to let you know that my CSUB Site has been updated. Now that I have a new and improved personal site where my teaching docs are integrated with my professional docs. Just the basics on the CSUB server now - less clutter is definitely better.

Finals this week - then 6 weeks off to finish two commissions and prep for the Winter quarter.

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