Monday, July 6, 2009

30/30 Project Update!

So, I've been pretty darn consistent with this project - only 2 days missed. But, I need a few days off now for a family decompression event. I'll pick back up in a couple days right where I left off.

I am very happy with how this has gone so far, the pieces are really showing my voice and the writing is getting easier. I love the process. As a father of three and very busy professor I don't get to write too much. This has been a great chance to get back on the saddle as ole' Gene Autry - the original owner of my favorite MLB franchise - used to sing.


Anyway...I just agreed to play a featured set at the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop on 8/5/09 so the next few pieces will be written for small jazz groups. I want to feature at least three new tunes at the gig - so I gots to get writing. I have one for Freddie Hubbard I wrote last week, and I'll take a stab at a very guitaristic piece and maybe a modal tune. Something different.

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Jim Scully - aka jimmuscomp said...

So I've been thinking about the set list a little.

Windows, Billie's Bounce, Disintegration (original), Hub's Last Stand (original), Arthur's Lament (original) and some others.