Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes I just don't know

It's been quite a roller-coaster over the last few weeks. I think it finally hit me the last two days. Not knowing if a job is waiting for you when the academic year starts is strange. I have worked at a college for 12 years now - the thought of not meeting the
new students is strange.

I have been irritable for the better part of a week and it has to be related to a) not getting a call from the JC where I was a finalist for a tenure-track gig and b) the overwhelming sadness surrounding the CSU and the budget at CSU Bakersfield where I work. Just a depressing time.

I guess if I have a diminished role at CSUB in September I will just have to parlay that time into some great composing and work on that part of my career. That is the part that has been neglected since I started th FT gig at the University and doubly so since the birth is the triplets. Anyway, just curious as to what the future holds. I'm not enjoying the wait, either.


Kris Tiner said...

Continue the 30 seconds a day project indefinitely...?

Hope you hear some good news soon Jim. This whole situation stinks.

Jim Scully - aka jimmuscomp said...

The 30-second thing has given me a ton of themes. I have a vocal jazz tune to finish, a piece for trombone/piano, a voice/piano setting of a Poe text I need to choose, A concert band tune, and a handful of big band tunes to finish.

I'm actually excited to finish the project so I can get to that other stuff.

PS. If I get the JC gig you'll get a call from CSUB!

Thanks Kris.

James Sproul said...

Hey Jim. I understand your pain. I found out I am jobless come fall. And it is really a crushing feeling. Even if it wasn't what I ultimately wanted to do. So now I sit in this town that has nothing to offer me. The pissed-off mood is certainly understandable.

I hope good news comes your way. This whole budget mess just sucks. It is just a big stinking mess.