Friday, January 29, 2010

Berklee School of Music

So, I stumbled upon the Berklee College of Music. Why couldn't I run into Esperanza?

Anyway, I went to the bookstore next door and was floored.

A Ben Monder composition book?

The Kurt Rosenwinkel composition book?

Unreal. I'll be woodshedding big time when I get home to my guitar.

I am going to email Ben (who appeared at CSUB in 2005) when I learn one song - maybe Sleep - which seems to be able to be played by mere mortals.

This guy is crazy good and there isn't a more original sounding guitarist alive in my opinion. His concert at CSUB is up on YouTube. The sound isn't great, but it's some of the only Monder available and it is amazing.

Here was the spread of Fake Books. Too cool:

Yeah, we all need to move here. Now.

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NA Patriot said...

Glad you enjoyed Berklee. It's a great place.

Baggins_54 said...

This is probably the coolest blog post ever! Field Trip??

James Sproul said...

Hey Jim, Congrats on the premieres. That is awesome. Grad schools apps are in. no on Santa Barbara but I am still holding out for San Diego *crossing every limb I have*.

if not, I will be your next corner liberty/little caesar's sign holder!!!

take care


Jim Scully - aka jimmuscomp said...

Hey James - I never check this place - thanks for the update...

Good luck, thinking good thoughts...