Friday, January 29, 2010


So, on Wednesday I got up and cruised over to Fenway Park. Realize, this is no small thing for this Angel fan. The Red Sox almost killed me as a 14 year old. They returned from the dead to beat Gene Autry's Angels in the ALCS. That beat down lingered until 2002 and some would say until the Angels beat the Sox in 2009 to advance to the ALCS.

I respect the Sox, but can't stand some of their players and the attitude of a lot of Red Sox fans in So Cal. Anyway, everyone here in Boston was cool, even inviting. I went to the Merchandise store across Yawkey Way and an old-timer working there quipped, "we all have our problems" when I told him I was an Angel fan.

Anyway, here is a pic I saw as I exited the Green Line to locate Fenway:

I hate Jonathan Papelbon. All the better that the Halos unclothed him in the ALCS this year.

But, seeing the stadium was cool. I didn't pay the money for an indoor tour. I might still tomorrow.

Cool stuff.

And this was cool if a bit weird:

The retired numbers - with 42 for Jackie Robinson in a different color. A dark color. Friggin' Bostonians.

Still cool to see the park.

Oh yeah, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how filthy it was on Yawkey Way.

This is directly across from the front gate into Fenway:

Stay classy Boston.

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