Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Parma records Bouncing About

Last summer, Parma Recordings approached me about recording some of my chamber music, but I just couldn't afford the cost of the recording sessions and while I was disappointed, I let it got quickly. While the quote was high - their work is absolutely stellar and the cost covers recording, artist fees, artwork, duplication, international distribution and everything in between. It is an all-in cost. So, it was a neat opportunity, but there is no shame in being unable to pay nearly 5 figures to get 13 minutes of your music recorded.

Well, in early July Parma came calling again - this time the cost was much lower because a session that was already planned opened up. So, after a quick negotiation, Parma recorded my piece for violin and piano - Bouncing About - on July 12 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The CD will be released in mid-2011 and I'll have the first audio edits in a couple of weeks. The performers were: Lukáš Klánský, piano and Ondřej Lébr, violin.

Here is a picture from the session:

I'll post audio when I get it, but in the meantime - look to the right sidebar and see the new ReverbNation Widget for my audio. If you look around there enough you will be able to play a live recording of Bouncing About performed by Bakersfield Symphony players Julia Lawson-Haney and Patrick Bender.

Needless to say - very exciting times.


Anonymous said...

I spoke with them quite a bit about the New Lullaby CD but it didn't make sense financially. I know a number of people who have used who are happy.

Jim Scully - aka jimmuscomp said...

Aaron -

I know - the prices are quite high. This was a deeply discounted opportunity because something changed and they had 3 hours of studio time booked and no piece to record. It was really fortuitous. They had a violin/piano duo booked and one of the two pieces that they wanted to record of mine last year was a violin/piano duo.

So, they emailed me to see if I was interested and gave me a quote. It was BARELY doable on my end - but paying over 6 months or so makes it less difficult.

I didn't get the typical treatment, though. I couldn't attend - couldn't get a ticket in three days and couldn't really afford that too, anyway. And, the Skype connection fell through at the last minute. So, I am really curious to hear the audio edits. I didn't have any say in the session.

I did give them a great live recording from at 2008 performance - so they used that extensively. That is my saving grace, I think...